• Skin Rescue by The Physic Garden - Natural, Vegan, Made in Melbourne, Australia
  • Skin Rescue by The Physic Garden - Natural, Vegan, Made in Melbourne, Australia
  • Skin Rescue by The Physic Garden - Natural, Vegan, Made in Melbourne, Australia
  • Skin Rescue by The Physic Garden - Natural, Vegan, Made in Melbourne, Australia

Skin Rescue by The Physic Garden


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Natural Skin-Loving & Soothing Balm

Many skincare products on the market contain synthetic chemicals and irritants that can further irritate many skin conditions. We developed our Skin Rescue balm Naturopathically, with all natural ingredients, and free from allergens like gluten, dairy and alcohol.

Shea butter and Olive Oil moisturise and provide a protective barrier for dry or damaged skin. Calendula & Chickweed are skin-loving and naturally anti-bacterial. Gotu kola regenerates skin appearance.The balm is gentle & easy to apply, a little goes a long way.

Completely natural ingredients, nothing nasty. Free from Bee Products, Gluten, Dairy, Nuts & Seeds. Essential oil and fragrance free.

Apply a small amount as required to sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin.

Natural Skin Rescue Balm:

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Free From Petroleum Jelly, Paraffins, Alcohol & Beeswax
  • Naturopathically Formulated
  • Contains Calendula, Gotu kola & Chickweed
  • Handmade in Melbourne, Australia
  • Vegan
  • Certified Cruelty-Free (tested on humans, not animals)


Shea Butter*, Olive Oil Infused with Calendula, Gotu kola & Chickweed, Candelilla Wax (*Certified Organic Ingredient)

Shea Butter - Organic & high in Vitamin E, it moisturises skin & glides on like butter.

Calendula & Chickweed - Naturally anti-bacterial & soothing to the skin.

Gotu kola - Revitalises skin appearance.

Ethically Made:

We only source the highest quality ingredients from organic, sustainable and fair-trade sources wherever possible. Handmade with love in small batches in Melbourne Australia, so we can assure quality and freshness.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Good, but too small.

Honestly the product is great and I love the ideas and concepts behind it! But you are spending a lot of money for a 5-10 use tub that can’t fully rescue your skin because there isn’t enough.
But again! Love the product and the back story, just not something I’ll purchase again because of the size.


Skin Rescue by The Physic Garden

Love it

I have severe eczema and dry skin. I’ve used so many different brands of moisturisers, but they all seem to leave a greasy or sticky layer on my skin that eventually irritates me and I scratch off. This product doesn’t do that, yet is soothing and moisturising. I have just started using it, but know I will buy again

Beautifully rich and long lasting

I suffer from eczema quite badly and this balm is a godsend, its rich, you dont use alot because it goes a long way. Very much worth buying! I would use it instead of nappy rash creams on my 4 month old son too. Highly recommended!

Helping with Dry Skin

I am in my mid 60s and suffer from dry flaky skin on my lower legs. Since I’ve been using Skin Rescue it has significantly improved. I started using it every night for the first couple of weeks now use it every other night. I also use Skin Repair every other night instead of hand cream and the cracks between my thumbs and forefingers have healed. Great product but all of the Physics Garden products have been a great success in my house.