Calendula (Calendula officinalis)



A native of Southern Europe, Calendula (or you may otherwise know her as Marigold), is a bright and sunny girl. She loves the sunlight and isn't too fussy about soil conditions, blooming from Spring through to Autumn. In mild regions she blooms throughout "the calends of the year". She is warming in her actions, which isn't surprising, given her fiery appearance. She is known to bring sunlight to the dark places in the body.

Traditionally in Europe, Calendula flowers were eaten in soups and stews in the lead-up to Winter, to help keep good health and a bright mood through the colder months. It was used as an immune supporting herb, helping to clear lingering infections and support the lymphatic system. Most famously however, Calendula is known as a wound remedy, and has been used as far back as ancient Greece in topical treatments from minor scratches to deep cuts. 


Calendula flowers are rich in sticky resins, which have anti-fungal properties. Widely used in topical ointments, Calendula is also naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and promotes cell repair and growth. As a herb which is both potent and gentle, it is used for treating infant skin conditions such as cradle cap, nappy rash and other skin irritations. Taken internally as tea, Calendula can help promote healthy lymphatic and immune function.

Calendula is one of our favourite skin-loving herbs, for both adults and children. We include Calendula in our Skin Rescue, Baby Balm, Glow Bath Soak, Soul Shine Lip Balm, Relax Deodorant, Revitalise Deodorant & Sensitive Deodorant.


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