Summer Skincare Essentials

Summer is upon is here in Australia, and we know that means longer days spent outside soaking up the Sun. And we also know it also means dry skin, insect bites and sunburn. The Australian summer can be tough on our skin, drying it out, causing damage and premature ageing.

The problem is, so many of the products we use to help remedy summer skin are also full of the toxic chemicals we try so hard to avoid. And to be honest, are actually no good for our skin or health in the long run. This is what led us to formulate our range, and provide completely natural alternatives you can trust to protect your skin through the warmer months.

So I wanted to go into a bit of detail about each of our Summer Skincare Essentials, and how they can help your skin not only survive, but actually thrive naturally without the nasties.

Skin Rescue - from $13.95

Skin Rescue Natural Moisturising Balm

The inspiration for our Skin Rescue Balm, came from my experience working in a health food store, and having so many customers with a range of dry skin conditions looking for a genuinely natural moisturiser with skin loving herbs. Calendula is always one of the first plants that come to mind, with it's naturally anti-inflammatory action, and is gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. Chickweed is an under-rated plant, which didn't star in many products, so I included it for it's traditional use to help settle itchy skin. These are combined in a Shea Butter base, one of the most moisturising ingredients around with high levels of Vitamin A & E to nourish dried-out Summer skin. Skin Rescue is great to keep in the bathroom as an all-over body moisturiser to protect and re-hydrate skin.

Deodorant Pastefrom $14.95

Natural Deodorant Paste

If you haven't switched to a natural deodorant yet, now is the time to do it. Mainstream deodorants are a concoction of nasty toxins, with the average containing 15 chemicals. Many of which are known to be toxic. In my experience, natural deodorants didn't really used to be up to scratch. They lasted only a short time and I would have to carry it with me all day, sneakily re-applying whenever I got the chance. So we decided to formulate our own range of Deodorant Pastes, which can go on once in the morning and keep you fresh all day. And more than just keeping you stink-free, I added in skin loving plants like Calendula to moisturise and protect your underarms this Summer.

Bug Balm - from $13.95

Natural Bug Balm

Warmer days means spending more time outside, exposed to all that nature has to offer - for better and worse! We formulated our Bug Balm as an outdoor moisturiser, with Citronella, Lemon Grass, Eucalyptus & Geranium in a Chickweed and Shea Butter base so when you're wearing it, it masks your human scent and makes you smell like a plant! We suggest applying it to exposed areas before heading outdoors in the Summer months and to keep your skin hydrated and protected. And you can also apply it after your outdoor adventures to moisturise and soothe.

Muscle Rub - from $13.95

 Natural Muscle Rub

Summer means hikes, bike rides and runs, and for me, that often means sore muscles and massages! I love a good muscle liniment but once again, was so disappointed to find that even the products I had always assumed were natural, are in a petroleum jelly base which is no good for us or the environment. So I took all the best ingredients like Wintergreen, Peppermint and Eucalyptus and combined them with Comfrey in an Olive Oil and Shea Butter base, which glides on as beautiful massage oil. Our Muscle Rub is an essential to keep in your backpack or medicine cabinet.

Mini Sample Set - $7.95

Mini Deodorant Sample Set

Not quite sure which Summer Essentials to start with? Our little sample sets have 3 x Balms or Deodorants of your choice so you can test them out for yourself and decide which ones to add to you Summer skincare routine!

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