9 Tips to Keep Calm This Christmas!

Ah Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! Where it's all mulled wine, holly & pudding, whilst you cosy up singing carols by the fire, the snow gently dusting the window frames.... Except it's 40 degrees outside, the shopping centre is packed with screaming children on school holidays (including yours), you haven't even made a dint in your to-do list, and you're wondering what you ever did to deserve this special kind of hell. Holiday season feels a lot like too much hard work, leaving you feeling physically, emotionally & financially wiped-out just in time for the new year.

Christmas Stress and how to keep calm

If only it didn't have to be that way right? Here are 9 tips to help you keep calm and actually enjoy this Christmas -

1. Remind yourself what Christmas is really all about for you and keep that in focus.

Spending quality time with loved ones doesn't require fancy food, decorations or gifts. In the end, we don't remember the little details anyway, we remember the overall experience. The greatest gift we can give is our time.

2. Give yourself space just for you - program it in daily!

It can be easy in the hustle and bustle of trying to please everyone else to neglect number one. Make sure you create space for yourself EVERY day, be it reading a good book, taking a bath (magnesium salts are the best for de-stressing!) or watching your favourite trashy TV show.

3. No need to over-consume.

The simple fact is, most of us have everything we need. Millions of dollars are spent every year on gifts & food which just end up in the rubbish bin. That's cash you are literally throwing out, which puts additional stress on your bank balance and the environment. Really consider what you spend your money on, and whether it will actually be used or appreciated. And always choose products which are made ethically and environmentally friendly.

4. Stay hydrated & eat well.

It's summer in Australia, so make sure you are drinking plenty of fresh filtered water, and eating your vegetables! Whilst we tend to give ourselves permission to over-indulge, it does leave us feeling less than fantastic, and makes dealing with stress much harder. In the lead-up to Christmas, make sure you are getting plenty of protein and good fats, nuts make a great snack for lasting energy and are full of essential fatty acids and minerals.

5. Ask for help.

Easier for some than others, but there is no reason to try to do everything yourself. Encouraging others to join in on the prep, helps to make them feel more engaged and appreciative of all the work that goes into it. And it helps to take the load-off!

6. When it comes to choosing the menu on the day, stick with what works!

What are some of you and your families favourites? No need to try to emulate the spreads we see in movies (most of that food is inedible after all the tweaking they do to it anyway!). Simplify and go with the crowd-pleasers. If you are hosting a large family gathering, ask everyone to bring a couple of plates of their favourites to share.

7. Don't over commit yourself!

It's ok to say no. This is especially true if you are invited to events which you do not enjoy or make you feel a sense of anxiety or dread at the thought of them.

8. Create traditions which are meaningful to you and your family.

There is no reason to continue a tradition which holds no meaning for you, so consider ditching the old and instead creating some new traditions which you can actually enjoy together, rather than making you feel stressed and obligated.

9. Love your herbs!

Herbs can work wonders to keep you chilled this Christmas. You can enjoy calming herbs like chamomile, lemon balm or passionflower in tea, bath soaks and skin products like our Calm Balm to help you keep your cool. Be sure to make some time to get out amongst nature, kick off your shoes and reconnect with the Earth. It helps to keep us feel grounded and calm.

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