New Physic Garden Packaging 2019

We are so excited to launch our new-look 100% plastic-free packaging for our balm and deodorant ranges! At The Physic Garden, we have been working behind the scenes for over 12 months researching and testing different options for eco-friendly packaging, whilst also giving our brand a bit of a refresh and sparkle. And whilst our balms may have a new look, the formulas and ingredients which we know work so well, have stayed the same.

We are absolutely passionate about the environment at The Physic Garden, and reducing our environmental footprint is our key ethos. We want to ensure we aren't contributing to waste going to landfill. We turned our attention towards our packaging, and wanted to find solutions that would mean every product is 100% compostable or recyclable, as well as reducing the shipping weight (glass is heavy!) to reduce fuel emissions.

We worked with a number of different manufacturers to find the best, most sustainable solutions, whilst also still being easy to use for our customers. We decided on screw-tops tins for their ease of use, super light-weight and infinite ability to be recycled. Our cardboard sleeves are printed on recycled paper help to reduce tampering in-store, without the need for plastic security seals and give us more room for product information, they can also be recycled once used. We were fortunate enough to work with the lovely people at Elevate Packaging to decide on the best option for our labels, which are corn-based, waterproof and biodegrade in compost in 3-4 months.

Biodegradable Labels The Physic Garden

Day 1 test - how our labels break-down in compost 

We worked with Elizabeth Jean Branding to come up with a design which would help to make The Physic Garden products pop on retail shelves, whilst also telling our story - natural skincare which has come straight from the garden. We have retained the same colouring and name for each product (apart from a few, which we will explain more below).

So what's changed?

  • New screw-top tins replace the glass jars to completely eliminate plastic from the packaging, as glass jars require plastic inserts in the caps to allow them to fit properly. The shipping weight is reduced by half (shipping prices are now cheaper too!)
  • All our product ingredients are the same. We know you love how they work and wouldn't want to change that! So every product still has the same formula and completely natural ingredients. 
  • Some products have been re-named to help customers better understand their use -

We hope that you will join the transition with us to a more eco-friendly approach and help keep packaging out of landfill. We have a few more exciting improvements up our sleeves yet! Please explore our new look balms and deodorants and test them out for yourself with new $5.95 flat-rate shipping Australia wide, or free shipping on orders over $70.

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