Moisturise After Washing Hands To Keep Them Protected

Moisturising Is Just As Important As Hand Washing To Protect Your Health

All this extra hand washing and sanitising can leave your skin feeling a bit like sand paper - dried out, coarse and cracked. While it is essential to keep your hands clean to help prevent the spread of infection, dry, cracked skin can actually reduce the effectiveness of soaps and sanitisers, and may lead to you avoiding washing your hands as often as needed. Cracked skin and open wounds can also allow pathogens direct access to your bloodstream, allowing infections to make their way through your system and to your lungs.

Our skin is home millions of good microbes, that can help boost your protection to pathogens. Unfortunately, alcohol-based products such as hand sanitisers are indiscriminate and will kill both good and bad microbes. Alcohol-based conventional moisturising cream and lotion-based products will also further dry out your skin and can perpetuate the problem.

So how can we keep our hands clean whilst also protecting the health of skin?

Choose a soap or sanitiser with minimal fragrance or artificial additives. Use a natural, alcohol-free moisturiser straight after washing to help restore your skin's natural oil balance and add a protective barrier. Avoid using lotions and creams with alcohol and other synthetic ingredients such as perfumes, and go for a natural, oil-based ointment.

We formulated our Skin Rescue Balm with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients to be incredibly gentle on even the most sensitive or damaged skin. It is full of nourishing, vitamin A & E rich oils including Shea Butter and Olive oil, to replenish lost oils and provide a protective barrier to lock moisture in. We then add healing herbs Calendula, Chickweed and Gotu kola to soothe and restore skin. And although we may be a little biased, we have seen the wonders it works first-hand and know how incredible it is at restoring skin.

We recommend using Skin Rescue Balm after each time you wash your hand, and also applying before bed. The 25g size is perfect for each member of the household, and light enough to keep in your bag, bathroom and by your bedside table. A little goes a long way with oil-based moisturiser, so we recommend only using a very small amount and spreading it over you hands with your fingertips.

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Skin Rescue Balm