How To Dispose Of Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

We often get asked by wonderful, eco-conscious customers like yourself how best to dispose of our packaging, so I've put together some tips to ensure they skip the landfill.

White Foam Packing Beans

Our packing beans are amazing! They are super lightweight to help reduce shipping emissions, are made with only a tiny amount of ingredients and help keep your products safe in transit. We are often asked if they are made from polystyrene but they are actually biodegradable and made from corn and rice starch, with no plastic or toxic ingredients at all! They are perfectly safe to pop straight into your compost bin. If you're not composting, they also dissolve with only a tiny amount of water and can be added directly to the garden. Watch the video here to see what happens when you add water.

Boxes, Tape and Sleeves

All our boxes (including gift boxes), tape, product sleeve and labels are made from paper and contain no plastic, so they can be placed directly in your curbside recycling bin.

Balm & Deodorant Tins

Our Balm and Deodorant tins and lids are made from aluminium as it is very light weight and infinitely recyclable! Over the years, we've hear of a bunch of great ideas to re-use the tins including as a container for jewellery and hair ties, to hold mints or toothpaste tablets, vitamins or shampoo bars for travelling. Even to make soy candles in! But once your tin has truly lived a full life, it can be placed in your recycling bin ready for its next incarnation.

Bath Salt Bottles

Our Bath soak bottles are glass, and such a gorgeous design! You can refill them with all sorts of things and once done, they can be recycled with your glass bottles.

We hope that helps give you some ideas of how you can make the most out of reusing and recycling your Physic Garden packaging! Please get in touch and let us know if you come up with any other genius ideas for repurposing our packaging!

Xx Charelle - Founder & Naturopath