The Secret To Naturally Glowing Skin

Mainstream beauty brands will try to sell you products full of synthetic chemical ingredients (with only 1% of their "miracle" wonder ingredient), with claims they will make your skin glow. But I want to let you in on the truth. The secret to the healthiest, glowing skin is natural, simple and affordable. And in just 7 days, you will see a big difference! Follow these 4 easy steps...

1. Repair and Restore Skin with Skin Rescue

The real secret to dewy, hydrated skin a top quality, oil-based moisturiser. Skin Rescue is made with natural oils rich in fatty acids, vitamins A & E such as Shea Butter, which nourish skin while protecting from moisture loss. Skin Rescue also contains powerfully restorative Gotu Kola. Gotu Kola has actually been shown to boost antioxidants, and increase blood supply which enhances skin repair, firmness and elasticity. It's like a restorative day spa for you skin.

2. Make Time For Rest

Making time for proper rest and relaxation is essential to give your body a chance for your cells to repair and recover, and this includes your skin too. Take some time out in nature and try to get to bed at a decent time each night and your skin will thank you. If you're struggling to wind down or sleep, you might find some of these relaxing products could help.

3. Drink Plenty of Pure Water

Aim for around 2 litres a day of pure, filtered water (preferably not from a plastic bottle). Water helps our kidneys to filter impurities, which can otherwise show in our skin and clog pores. It also has the benefit of hydrating skin from the inside out so that skin appears plump and firmer.

Leafy green salad


4. Eat Your Greens

Eating greens can contribute significantly to the radiance of your skin due to their rich nutritional profile. Leafy greens like spinach, kale, and Swiss chard are packed with vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as antioxidants and essential minerals like folate and iron. These nutrients play a pivotal role in supporting skin health by aiding in collagen production, protecting against UV damage, promoting cell regeneration, and fighting oxidative stress. So be sure to have a salad and a smoothie daily to get your glow on.

In a world where beauty products promise miracles but often deliver little, it's time to embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of natural skincare. Make time for rest, stay hydrated and indulge in nutrient-rich greens to enhance that radiant glow from within. Take the step towards healthier, glowing skin today with Skin Rescue. Your skin will thank you for it!