Our Purpose

We know that herbs are magic.

There's the magic we can measure; the active constituents, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants & fatty acids, and then there's the magic we can feel. The tranquility of the forest, the whispers of the trees, the faeries in the flowers and the humming of the bees. It's this magic that we capture in our products.

We do this by keeping our ingredients real, with minimal processing, we gently infuse our herbs into nourishing oils, keeping their magical essence in-tact. When your little pot arrives, we want you to feel those herbs nourishing your skin, and nurturing your soul.

That is our purpose, to bring the magic of plants to you.


Our Promise

We believe in treading lightly.

We want to help keep this beautiful planet healthy for future generations to come. Therefore we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and to operating ethically with kindness in everything we do. We are always striving to do our bit for the planet. All our products are:

  • Cruelty-Free (Choose Cruelty Free Australia Certification)
  • Vegan (Vegan Society Certification)
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Packaged in recyclable glass and aluminium
  • Made from dried herbs which are certified organic or wildcrafted
  • Handmade in Melbourne, Australia
  • Shipped carbon-neutrally

Our Vision

We dream of creating a real-life Physic Garden.

The Physic Garden Definition

Proceeds from the sale of our products goes towards creating a real-life Physic Garden in Victoria, Australia, for anyone to come and learn about the magic of medicinal herbs. We want the Physic Garden to help people get inspired and connected to plants. As well as the garden, we will run workshops to teach you how to concoct herbal remedies of your own, a cafe to enjoy the food from the garden, a studio for yoga, meditation and herbal talks, a nature clinic for natural therapies, a spa centre for ritual baths, floats and massage and a retreat centre.

We feel passionately that plants have the power to dramatically improve wellbeing as food, as medicine and by being in their presence. It is our vision to create the space for people to re-connect to plants and discover true wellness.


Our Story

Charelle The Physic Garden Founder

I grew up around herbal concoctions thanks to my parents, but as a young woman, I lost touch with my roots and found myself pursuing a career which left me stressed-out and unwell. In 2011, I was diagnosed with the thyroid disease, Hashimotos, and my instinct was to turn back to natural medicine to recover my health. I decided to ditch my career and study naturopathy and herbal medicine. It changed everything.

I discovered a deep passion for herbs and nature, and felt called to help people re-connect to with plants in a practical, enjoyable way. This is how The Physic Garden products came into being; from a flurry of inspiration in January 2016, and by March 2016, they were ready for sale.

I am completely honoured to be able to share these beautiful plants with you, and hope you can feel the magic with which they are made when you use them.

xx Charelle - Founder of The Physic Garden