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  • 7 Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Bathroom

    There are a few spaces in our homes that seem to generate the most single-use and plastic waste, and along with the kitchen and laundry, our bathrooms are a great place to look at ways to reduce waste. Just think of all the plastic and environmentally toxic products lining bathroom shelves includ... View Post
  • New Physic Garden Packaging 2019

    We are so excited to launch our new-look 100% plastic-free packaging for our balm and deodorant ranges! At The Physic Garden, we have been working behind the scenes for over 12 months researching and testing different options for eco-friendly packaging, whilst also giving our brand a bit of a ref... View Post
  • 9 Steps To Help Your Child Sleep Better Naturally

    Children need a lot of sleep. Pre-schoolers need around 10 hours and toddlers need up to 13 hours a day! So why does it sometimes feel like they spend more time awake than asleep during the night? There can be all kinds of reasons your child won’t go to sleep, or keeps waking through the night.... View Post
  • Best Immune Herbs For Cold & Flu Season

    Winter is a time to slow-down, hibernate and rest. And whilst cold and flu are unwelcome visitors, their arrival can also help show us the need to stop and take a break, to highlight just how run-down we have become, and give us permission to rest. The symptoms of cold and flu - the sore throat, ... View Post